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Jack Nelson, EMC

Jack is a conscious creative with a passion for creating unique and meaningful works of floral art. They have been dedicated to and involved in the floral industry professionally since 2019, however the song the flowers sing has drawn them in since as young as they can remember. They obtained their European Masters Certificate for floristry in Bruges, Belgium in 2023. Much of their work focuses on creating special hand-tailored works that are suitable and special for each individual. Jack is always looking to sharpen the blade to create continuous growth in the ephemeral realm of floral.

Mae Keller

Mae is a creative at heart who left their desk job behind to follow their passion for spreading joy with natural beauty. Now, their life revolves around flowers and plants. Looking to the natural and arts worlds for inspiration, their work resides in the space between natural, ethereal beauty and a harsher, human world.

Xiem Busch-Vuong

Xiem Busch-Vuong is a Vietnamese American illustrator, painter, reuse collage artist, and greenspace steward. Their work centers themes of nature, waste reduction, experiences of climate grief, and queer joy. A Saint Paul local, she spends her seasons working with Frogtown Green, and her winters working on her artistic practice. She has been in two shows at XIA Gallery and one with Other Wordly Arts collective.

Xiem is an all around naturalist. You can ask them about:

  • Dry preserving your bouquet

  • Art commissions

  • What to plant and where in your garden

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